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On Boredom

When you get down to the root of it, boredom is akin to unhappiness. It’s a subtle and small form of it. But fundamentally, within yourself you want things to be different on the outside.

The onset can happen anywhere. It could come while stuck in traffic. Or while working on a school or work assignment. Or while waiting in a line. Or while watching a less than engaging television program. The feeling of boredom will come. And with it, will come the desire for something more to happen with your life. The mind will say, “Why can’t I be doing something more exciting than this? Why can’t I be somewhere else? Why do I have to be here?”

We, as people, will do anything to escape it. Drugs. Sex. Danger. But it's always just around the corner. Or is it? More practically, are there really any boring situations?

No. There are just boring people. Life can be endlessly entertaining if you look at it through the right perspective.

This is not to say, just sit around and do nothing, you can if you are so inclined, but don't go around labeling situations as boring///not boring. Pretty soon your experience of large chunks of your life will be like a television commercial, just dead-time in between the main attractions.

Next time you feel bored. Just remember you are smaller than an ant in the vastness of this universe. And your understanding of what makes it all tick is just as small as an ant’s understanding of nuclear physics. With this in mind, you’ll be excited just to be taking part, sitting at Starbucks, in traffic, at home, wherever you are is an amazing phenomena!


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