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On Climbing the Mountain

In many ancient cultures, to climb a mountain was a major milestone in a person’s life. Back then, it was a major milestone for young boys. But today it can be a great milestone for anybody.

Whether we like it or not, whether we have a 180 or a 90 IQ, whether we have $1,000,000,000 or $1, we live in physical space with physical bodies. And so often, in our modern world, we must work toward goals which are abstract, long-term, career based, or otherwise mental struggles. Living inside your head all day everyday can really wear you down. In such a context, physical challenges can be a godsend.

A physical challenge, like climbing a mountain, can remind you just how strong you are. It can refresh and recharge your body. It can give you a great workout. It can give you sun. It can put you outside with other people doing something your ancestors did. The mountain doesn’t have to be Everest to cause great change within, any old mountain will do, just make sure it’s a challenge for you.


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