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On Coffee & Cocaine

Americans love their coffee. Starbucks. Nitro cold brew. Espressos. We love our coffee.

Work and coffee. Could America really function without its’ morning, afternoon, and evening coffee? No.

After all, this is the same country that imports more cocaine than any other in the world. And coffee is just a mild version of cocaine. An upper with about 1/10th the potency. So, it's socially acceptable. People can stare at their computer screens for 10 hours with a nice dose of coffee. But cocaine, they might start jumping off the floor and walls. So, we ask our workers to do the cocaine on their own time.

Nevertheless, coffee is a great possibility for productivity when used correctly. Many great books, inventions, and products would not have been possible without it. Enjoy it in moderation!

I once worked with a middle-aged woman who drank 9 cups of coffee before lunch. And God knows how many by the time the sun set. When she would gesticulate, her hands would shake. She was absolutely gawked out on coffee. On the flip side, she powered through boring work day after day with great speed. Perhaps for her, cocaine would have been a more efficient choice. But for the rest of us, I think one coffee a day is enough.


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