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On Madness and Gratitude

How do you know you’re going mad? After all, the line between sanity and insanity is often as thin as a razor blade. And even worldly success is no guarantee of the former and not the latter. Just think about all the celebrities that overdose on drugs or the unseen mass of rich people over-medicated and stressed to the gills. You’d think with creature comforts beyond belief, human beings wouldn’t need to resort to such drastic actions or drugs. Yet, human misery multiplies.

So, how do you know you’re going mad? It’s simple. You stop seeing things the way they are. And you start seeing things the way you want. Your perception of reality becomes akin to looking thru a windshield splattered with mud and dead bugs. The outside world does not appear as it is. But instead, as you think it is because your view is so muddled.

Our minds, full of memory, imagination, likes and dislikes, emotion, and evolutionary and genetic biases, often lead us astray. Most people are only a little crazy. Some people are really crazy. And a few people are absolutely insane. Where you fall in the spectrum is a matter of statistics and serendipity, or a lack thereof. But what are we to do about the madness in ourselves? What are we to do about the bouts of depression? Anxiety? Stress? Overthinking? Hate? Anger? Fear? What are we to do about all this madness?

We must be still. We must look past our petty thoughts, emotions, and circumstances. We must meditate. But most importantly we must not be too serious. If you get too serious, then you won’t be able to live. Because being too serious is like trying to jump with locked out knees. It’s not going to happen. Be thankful for life, pure life, the air you breath, the sun on your face, and the space that keeps you in place.


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