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Children of Helix

Available as a pdf, epub, or mobi formatted book. 

Children of Helix

  •      My name is Darius Marius. The year is 2070. I am one of the most well-paid engineers at the Helix Corporation. Helix itself, is the worlds most well-capitalized corporation in the world. Started in the year 2025, Helix was originally a bio-technology company. Like so many small bio-tech companies it made big promises during its early days. But unlike so many it actually delivered. The company created the world’s first nano-particle therapy for cancer. It has been a straight shot up since then. Today, I work in the genetic engineering lab. What we have created will change the world for the worst, and that’s why I must stop this company at all costs. If I fail, you and your children will be slaves to people 1 million times more powerful than you.

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